Commercial buildings have constant traffic, so door hardware must be able to take continual use and abuse. Allegion exit devices fit the bill with some of the toughest, most reliable performance in the business. VonDuprin and Falcon offer a wide range of exit devices and outside trim operations to meet the needs of any application.


Hospital units, libraries, churches or even concert halls have unique requirements, including noise reduction. The everyday use of a mechanical push pad can be noisy. High traffic applications and heavy abuse can cause the exit device to be slammed into hundreds of times per day. The Von Duprin exit devices are designed to accommodate this abuse, and utilize a mechanical damper to provide customers with a quieter solution. Ask for the Quiet Electric Latch (QEL) option from Von Duprin.


Von Duprin’s product offerings include the GUARD-X line which provides secure, alarmed code-compliant protection for secondary exits. The GUARD-X exit alarm lock readily identifies the door on which it is mounted as an emergency exit and secures the opening against unauthorized use. It is ideal for deterring theft in restaurants and retail establishments including discount stores, grocery stores, drug stores, clothing stores and sporting goods stores.